Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use a Coupon Code

You can apply the discount code online during your purchase at an online store by entering it in the designated area of your shopping cart just before making a payment.

Where Exactly to Enter a Coupon Code?

Usually, you enter the code after choosing your products and just before payment. The exact spot for inputting the code varies by store, but it's usually in the shopping cart, labeled as "Promo Code", "Discount Code", "Coupon", or similar. Upon entering the code correctly, the discount is immediately reflected in your cart, showing you the saved percentage or amount.

Why Isn't My Discount Code Working?

We thoroughly test all codes before they go live on our website. However, occasionally, a code's expiration date or promotion terms might change, or certain products might be excluded from the discount.

Are Available Discount Codes Free?

Absolutely! We provide all coupons, deals, and discounts completely free. No registration or payment is needed for any of our services, and we never ask for your payment information.

What's the Discount on First Purchase?

Some online stores offer a special discount for new users who sign up for their newsletter. Simply fill out the newsletter subscription form on the desired online store's website and you'll then receive an exclusive discount code for your first order via email. Note: Not all online stores offer this. If a store does offer it, we will show it on their dedicated page, and it will be clearly marked as a first purchase discount.

Coupon Code vs. Sale: What's the Difference?

A coupon code (or discount/promotional code) is a word or series of characters (like "SUMMER" or "p6m59hr") that you can copy and paste at checkout in an online store to get a discount. A sale is a discount directly applied to items in the store. No code is needed; the products are already marked down. These discounts often appear during seasonal sales or special events (e.g. Valentine's Day or summer sales).