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Online Coupons and Advertising

Did you know that as many as 66% of online shoppers wait for discounts before making a purchase, and a whopping 91% of them occasionally search for coupons and voucher codes before selecting a product and making a payment? In a time when most shoppers are more budget-conscious, online coupons can significantly boost your brand's visibility and encourage customers to make their next purchase in your webshop! By advertising with us, your coupons and offers will appear on customers' screens just when they're considering a purchase, and a discount code may be the nudge they need to buy the desired product from you rather than a competitor.
Mega Coupons benefits
Mega Coupons benefits

Affiliate Partnership

We are a part of all regional and global affiliate networks. If we haven’t yet joined your affiliate program, please get in touch with our team. We would be happy to establish a partnership and enhance the visibility of your products and offers!

PPC Advertising

Pay only for results – that is, for clicks to your webshop! With no hidden costs, this advertising model is perfect for small or medium-sized brands looking to expand their advertising efforts and acquire new customers. By placing coupons in specialized product categories, we ensure that only your target audience clicks on your coupons.

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