Editorial Guidelines

Who Are We?

Many websites offer shopping advice, but few consistently publish up-to-date content that saves you money and time or inspires you to try something new. At MegaCoupons, our mission is to empower consumers by providing the best online coupons, discounts, and savvy shopping guides. We aim to make your shopping experience smarter and more affordable, ensuring you get the most from your hard-earned money. Your satisfaction drives our success, and we're dedicated to offering trust, transparency, and unparalleled savings with every click.

Why You Can Trust Us

Our product recommendations are editorially independent; we don't allow any external influence on the creation of our blog content. Our experts undertake thorough research to assist you in making informed shopping decisions, understanding that a poor choice can mean wasted money and time. Our team meticulously crafts and reviews each article on our portal, adhering to strict guidelines on originality, expertise, and other critical factors.


Our editors are seasoned experts in their fields, drawing on years of professional and personal shopping experience. We leverage our passion for technology, e-commerce, and content creation to offer the ultimate online shopping experience—we're shoppers too, after all.

Author Integrity

Articles requiring specific expertise are penned by qualified or experienced authors. Each blog contributor's full name, photo, and biography are provided, showcasing their knowledge in the topics they discuss.

Originality Policy

We're committed to delivering original, useful content. We expect our authors to follow all relevant laws and standards, producing content rooted in their expertise and personal experiences.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our commitment is to high-quality, human-written content. In line with our editorial guidelines, we steer clear of AI-generated content, ensuring all of our blog content is 100% original and crafted by our team.

Content Validity and Verification

Our authors ensure that all coupon and promotion information, along with blog content, is accurate upon publication. We regularly review and, if necessary, update blog articles to maintain accuracy.

Integrity of Editorial Process

We uphold the quality and reliability of our content and editorial processes. Continuous review by our authors ensures our content is accurate, relevant, and reader-focused. Each article includes detailed information about its contributors.

Accuracy and Corrections

We actively review and update our articles to ensure accuracy and relevance. Updated articles are dated to inform readers of the most current information. Publication and correction dates are always visible to our readers. Errors are addressed promptly with corrections clearly labeled and dated, providing details on the modifications made.

Sponsored Content

We clearly separate advertising from editorial content. Committed to useful, actionable information, we offer in-depth reviews and guides, all based on research. Our authors only recommend products they trust and believe will benefit our readers. For details on our funding, please see our Affiliate Disclosure.

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